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Hoodly is a cutting-edge data extraction toolkit designed to help you get the data you need quickly & efficiently. Simple. Powerful.

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Data Extraction, simplified.

Swiss-army knife of Data Extraction

Unlock any site

Dive into a goldmine of data from any corner of the web

Scale to millions of links

Think big. Then think bigger. We handle the heavy lifting.

Export data as CSV, JSON

Data in your favorite flavors. CSV or JSON, take your pick.

Works with all sites

If it's online, it's in your grasp. No site too big, no data too small.

Save Recipes

Repeat extractions in a single click. Save recipes for your favourite sites.

Built for simplicity

So easy, your grandma could use it. Seriously, it's that simple.

Schedule extractions

Set it, forget it. Your data works overtime, so you don't have to.

5000+ Integrations

Connect with a universe of apps. Your workflow, supercharged.

Use Hoodly for..

Save time by using Ready to deploy recipes for the following:

Extract Stock Market Data from Bloomberg:

Track stock prices, market trends, and financial news.

Extract Extensions from Chrome Web Store

Stay ahead by extracting and analyzing competitor data easily.

Extract Real Estate Listings from Zillow

Gather detailed property information and market trends.

Extract Product Reviews from Amazon

Collate customer feedback and ratings for market analysis.

Extract Flight Prices from Expedia

Monitor and compare airline ticket prices across dates and destinations.

Extract Restaurant Reviews from Yelp

Aggregate customer reviews and ratings for culinary businesses.

Extract News Articles from The New York Times:

Gather the latest news content for media analysis.

Extract Weather Data from

Compile weather forecasts and historical data for various locations.

Extract TV Show Ratings from IMDb:

Collect ratings and reviews for television shows and series.

Extract Car Listings from AutoTrader:

Aggregate listings for new and used cars, including prices and features.

Extract Event Information from Eventbrite:

Gather details on upcoming events, including dates, locations, and ticket prices.

Extract Book Information from Goodreads:

Compile ratings, reviews, and metadata of books.

Extract Grocery Prices from Walmart:

Monitor and compare grocery product prices across different locations.

Extract Fashion Product Listings from Etsy:

Gather information on handmade and vintage fashion items.

Extract Academic Publications from ResearchGate:

Extract research papers, citations, and academic author profiles.

Extract Sports Statistics from ESPN:

Collect data on sports teams, games, and player statistics.

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